I remember the Phi Zappa Krappa photo being featured in a large format
high quality art magazine called Avant Garde in 1969

here is more info  from the Kill Ugly Radio site:

  The Toilet Poster

      From Zappa Wiki Jawaka

An enduring image of Frank Zappa
<http://wiki.killuglyradio.com/wiki/Frank_Zappa> is the "Toilet Poster"
or "Phi Zappa Krappa"-poster, depicting him sitting on a toilet. The
picture was taken by Robert Davidson in 1967 for an article in the
International Times (Issue 18, August 31st - September 13th). There are
three versions extant, all taken during the one session. The original
version (1) has Jugendstil <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jugendstil>
style graphic ornaments around the picture. The "Krappa" version (2) has
colored ornament and the name "ZAPPA" as ornament or has the text "PHI
ZAPPA KRAPPA" across the top of the poster but with no ornamentation.

Zappa resented that he had no control, or royalty payments, from the
poster although he authorised one version:

    I asked him whether the original Phi Zappa Crappa posters received
    his authorization.

    "Yeah," he says almost regretfully. "If it says 'Phi Zappa Crappa'
    it was one of the authorized ones. But by that time there were maybe
    ten other versions of the toilet poster out, from different sources
    that weren't authorized."

-What's A Mother To Do?

    "It was designed to be a picture to go with an article in the
    International Times
    <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Times>, you know about
    that magazine from England? And it was supposed to be used as
    publicity for our first concert in 1967. And the photographer who
    took it made a poster and sold it for his own profit and then that
    poster was bootlegged all over Europe and eventually went into the
    United States and millions of 'em were sold. But I couldn't stop
    them from doing that. No! Because in London, er, the, photographic
    copyright laws are different from the United States. Somebody takes
    a picture in the US, they can't make commercial use out of it
    without your permission but in England, if somebody takes your
    picture, the photographer owns it and can do whatever he wants with it."

FZ in an FM4-Interview


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    Re: Weird Frank Merchandise

      Posted by: "A.F. Harrold" afh.p...@virgin.net
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        Fri Dec 12, 2008 5:06 am (PST)

I'm pretty sure the toilet picture - Phi Zappa Krappa, I believe it was
often called - was a bootlegged thing, and never an official Zappa shot.



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