Thanks Rick. I'll mail out as soon as I get some feedback on what to do with 
the "other" discs.


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  Rick Norris
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    With thanks to Marty, this DVD is ready to move on. So if Rick N can 
    mail me his snail details...

    Not that it's any of my bees wax, but this set consists of 3 discs, 
    whereas basically you only need one ! There's a PAL disc, an NTSC disc 
    and a DivX disc. Wouldn't it be more interesting to split this up and 
    make individual vines so that people can subscribe to the disc they 
    actually want ?!
    Feedback on this appreciated.

    Either way, this is a truly superb recording in TOP quality. Don't 
    miss out on it !


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    From: "waterbussy"
    > ok, at first I recieved an email from Eddy S. in Belgium to recieve
    > the vine. So it now goes like this:
    > Eddy S (Belgium) <<< Rick N (USA) <<< Darrell (USA) <<< ???
    > and will be sent to Eddy monday
    > good luck & thanks everyone, Marty
    > (I highly enjoyed this DVD)



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