If you can't trust a zappateer, whom can you trust?
I think this is a must for all zappa fans. Anyother part of the Conceptual 
Continuity for sure.
The story Frank tells is a piece of history, just him telling it is history in 
Oh yes, a really nice solo in Penguin. It's my ear that says Frank used the 
bit on Roxy! The "dried up dog biscuit part :)

 "Music is The Best!"
Frank Zappa
/ `--'( ,,, 
< [] []////////|:::)

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Shows Overview site - http://www.zappateers.com/fzshows/7374.html - says the 
1974 05 10 - IMA Auditorium, Flint, MI
100 min, Aud, B+
soundcheck intro, Cosmik Debris, Pygmy Twylyte (incl. Dummy  Up), The Idiot 
Bastard Son, Cheepnis, Penguin In Bondage, Inca Roads, Montana,  It Can't 
Here, Hungry Freaks Daddy, You're Probably Wondering Why I'm  Here, How Could I 
Be Such A Fool?, I Ain't Got No Heart, I'm Not Satisfied,  Wowie Zowie, Let's 
Make The Water Turn Black, Harry You're A Beast, The Orange  County Lumber 
Truck, Oh No, Trouble Every Day
I tend to believe the zappateers over the  Trust...
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>So, what do we think of this unexpected    little nugget?
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