It happens to all of us.  I've been hacked twice in the space of one week.  
Sorry but it does happen.  All is forgiven.


From: moclitz <>
Sent: Sun, 19 June, 2011 21:46:36
Subject: [Zappa-List] Re: spam

Before we get a deluge of anti-rabbit responses, I think most of us would 
realize (as I do), that rabbit was hacked and that he would never post anything 
like this sincerely...
And considering I've been moderating this group for almost 10 years, things 
been rather pleasant - unlike some FZ fan sites - up to now. So let's everyone 
cut rabbit some slack, and forget that post ever came across. It shouldn't 
happen again...

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>  sorry  some how spam was sent useing my email adress i just changed my emaIL 
>ADRESS please delete the spam post


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