Thank you for that, Marc!
My interest has been piqued... Is this morsel only avaiable thru Barfko? I 
haven't been able to find any reference outside of the ZFT...

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Hey Jack,
Sure, sorry about not adding it in my prior message.  There are four  
discs, Arf to ARF ARF ARF ARF and each is in its own plastic sleeve.   
Ther's a ticket to the show and a booklet with comments from Al Malkin  
amongst other things plus pictures of the band.

Arf: The Persuasions Show.I just Can't work no Longer, Working All the  
Live Long Day/Chain Gang,Medley #1, Pieces of a Man, Buffalo Soldier,  
Medley #2,Medley #3.  FZ Show: Call Any Vegetable, Anyway The Wind  
Blows, Magdalena, Dog Breath.

ARF ARF:Peaches, Tears Began To Fall, Shove it Right IN,King Kong, 200  
Motels Finale, Who Are the Brain Police (This is NOT your Mothers'  
version of Brain Police.  I think it's kinda catchy)

ARF ARF ARF:Auspicious Occasion, Divan, Once Upon a Time, Sofa#1,  
Magic Pig, Stick it OUT, Divan Ends Here, Pound for a Brown, Sleeping  
in a Jar, Wonderful Wino, Sharleena 1970,  Cruising For Burgers.

ARF ARF ARF ARF:Billy The Mountain, The $600 Mid Shrk Prelude (Where  
Frank explains that it would cost $600 extra in union fees if they  
play beyond their contrated time, and they do!) The Mud Shark.

I wish this was made available sooner but then if it was I don't know  
what I would have received in December of this year that would be as  
much fun to listen to as this.

Buy it while the stove's still hot.  Read you all later,

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> Marc,
> Might you be able to provide a track-list for inquiring minds?
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> Hey Steve,
> It is worth the money spent.  If you like the Mark and Howard years,
> you'll be thrilled beyond your wildest dreams.  If you were not a huge
> fan of M & H,then you'll become a convert.  I've had the discs on
> continuous play almost all the time sivce I got my copy.
>                          Marc
> Quoting Steve Marshall <>:
>> Has anyone heard the recent Halloween '71 release? Comments? Tracklist?

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