>> Okay kids, here's how we play (Tho' I thought gg's directions were clear 
>> enough... In order to get in on this vine): you need to respond to this 
>> message {so the subject line stays the same}, and add your name/country to 
>> the end of the list. So far, we have: 
>>  <GuyGonzo1 US < Rick Derse US < Mikey Zappo US < JohnG US < Alfredmoffa ?? <
>> You'll need to be able to copy this artifact, keep the copy you made, and 
>> send the ORIGINAL to the person after you in line, in oredr to play
>> From: guygonzo1 <getrhy...@msn.com>
>> Protocol is in the "Files" section here. Please look at it.

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