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Specializing in rare cuts by classic and modern bands, Prog Rock Deep Cuts
promises to match the obscure with the new and fresh. Intelligent, emotional,
and visceral classic to modern progressive rock broadcasted live every Thursday 
from 7-10 pm EST on www.progrock.com.

week, we are presenting yet another eclectic setlist, with nearly every major
subgenre represented including (but not limited to) - fusion, modern symphonic,
Prog Folk, Rock in Opposition, and Canterbury.  This week, we will be 
celebrating the birthdays of acclaimed French
electric violist Jean-Luc Ponty (Frank Zappa, Return to Forever, Mahavishnu
Orchestra) as well as ex-Crimson drummer Ian Wallace and Paul Sears of The
Muffins.  Also, we will be featuring a
track from the much-anticipated remix of "Vapor Trails" by Rush,
Mahavishnu-inspired Indonesian band I Know You Well, Miss Clara, as well as the
new disc from Soft Machine Legacy entitled "Burden of Proof".  To top it off, 
we will be honoring the turn
from summer to autumn with tracks from one of the quintessential records for
the season, Mellow Candle's "Swaddling Songs" - an obscure, one off
Irish folk band from the 70's who made mellotron-drenched and goregous acid
folk, as well as a cut from the new Oblivion Sun entitled "The High
Places", a led by Stan Whitaker on guitar and vocals and Frank Wyatt on
keyboards and reeds (ex-Happy the Man).  Tune in for this and plenty of 
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