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Specializing in rare cuts by classic and modern bands, Prog Rock Deep Cuts
promises to match the obscure with the new and fresh. Intelligent, emotional,
and visceral classic to modern progressive rock broadcasted live every Thursday 
from 7-10 pm EST on www.progrock.com.
week, we are proud to present a truly eclectic setlist, with tunes ranging as
far back as the late 60's until 2013.  We
will be featuring tracks from artists who performed at the Rock In Opposition
festival over the past weekend, including Faust, Univers Zero, and Panzerpappa,
culminating in Guapo's sensational performance of their opus Five Suns at 
NEARfest 2006.  In addition to this, we will also be
featuring some classic Canterbury by way of Caravan and Egg, as well as some
modern music from The Wrong Object - a Belgian band which started life as a
Zappa cover band, before expanding into their own quirky form of progressive
rock.  Tune in for all of this and much
if you missed our exclusive interview with Miriodor, you can listen to it here: 

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Last week's Setlist:
1. Redline - Marbin (Last Chapter of Dreaming)
2. Blue Fingers - Marbin (Last Chapter of Dreaming)
3. Twitch - Levin Minnemann Rudess (Levin Minnemann Rudess)
4. Frumious Banderfunk - Levin Minnemann Rudess (Levin Minnemann Rudess)
5. A Passion Play Extract (Critique Oblique) -
Jethro Tull (25 Years of Jethro Tull)
6. The Gospel According to the I.E.M - I.E.M. (I.E.M.)
7. Banana - MiRthkon (Vehicle)
8. Dead Silence - Thinking Plague (In Extremis)
9. Half Asleep, Half Awake - Henry Cow (Unrest)
>From the album Space
Gypsy by Nik Turner
10. Joker's Song
11. Time Crypt
12. Galaxy Rise
13. Coming of the Maya
14. We Ride the Timewinds
15. The Calypso - National Health (Of Queues And Cures)
>From the album Cobra
Fakir by Miriodor
15. La Roue
16. Cobra Fakir
17. Speed Dating on Mars
18. Tandem
19. The Little House I Used to Live In - Frank Zappa
(Burnt Weeny Sandwich)
20. The Fountain of Lamneth - Rush (Caress of Steel)
21. My Famed Disappearing Act - Thank You Scientist
(Maps of Non-Existent Places)

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