Here's our response, should be done uploading to s3 in a moment.

Long story short:
- Contributor: Ryan Pierce and Andrew Miller
- Isolation: 3,000 feet above ground in a Piper Cherokee
- Entropy source: geiger counter and a Chernobyl reactor graphite sample
Entertaining writeup and video to follow! (Note: all appropriate aviation and 
radiation regulations were followed to a tee)

Andrew Miller
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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It does interfere with someone, but we could make it work Saturday
morning if you don't expect it to take longer than the morning.


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> Greetings everyone,
>    I have a good one planned. But it's got a difficult time constraint. I
> need to go this coming Saturday morning. Hopefully it won't interfere with
> the batting order much if I ask for priority! Thanks,

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