First of all thanks for the patch and I'm sorry that I didn't have the time to
look at the patch yet.

On 14/08/12 13:05, Roland Schatz wrote:
> The big open question:
> How do you connect that feature to a text editor?
> My personal solution to this is a vim-script that uses xdotool to
> simulate keypresses that issue the :synctex command. But that seems like
> a big ugly hack. A better solution would be to somehow make it possible
> to send remote commands to zathura, similar to "vim --remote". But I
> have no idea how "vim --remote" is implemented, I have to do more
> research. I'm not sure whether it is possible to implement that in a
> platform independent way...

What about a dbus interface? Apparently there is a Glib binding for dbus. The
editor could send the messages to zathura via dbus-send.

Another possibility would be an XML-RPC interface but I didn't check if there
are any good and easy-to-use libraries for that.

Kind regards
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