Hi Diego,

Diego Joss wrote:
> I have had issues with with g_content_type_guess guessing wrong on
> some pdfs (it would return "text/plain" or
> "application/octet-stream"). Thus here is a patch against 0.2.2 wich
> replaces the use of g_content_type_guess with libmagic in  guess_type
> (document.c:518).

It would also be great if you could do localization on the message
strings (using "_()"). It doesn't look like any of the girara_warning
strings in zathura are localized, but I don't see any reason why not.

And while you're at it, these strings should be capitalized (they all
are in girara, not so much in zathura but they should be).


Benoît Knecht
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