On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 09:18:57AM +0200, Sebastian Ramacher wrote:

>> Does anyone have any ideas?
> How do you invoke zathura? What happens if you try zathura -s -x "echo
> %{linestr}". Does it print the line number if you control click?

Another colossal mistake on my part. Looks like the synctex options
aren't something you can put in the RC file, and are needed on command

So I put

    alias zathura='zathura -s -x "svim -G +%{line} %{input}"'

in my ~/.zshrc and forgot about it. When I wanted to load zathura-2.9
from testing (and not my own compiled version), I had to do

    LD_LIBRARY_PATH= /usr/bin/zathura mixing.pdf

Great. My precious shell alias wasn't invoked and the synctex options
were gone! When I added them back, as above everything works.

Thanks again for your help!


PS: Can I convert my blunder here to a desperate plea for a setting in
    the  RC file for all synctex options, instead of us having to resort
    to command line options every time? Also, it might make life a
    little easier for users if there was an option for --synctex-forward
    to open a new window if the file isn't already being viewed.
    (Admittedly this can easily be worked around by scripting.)

    Regardless, I set up synctex and zathura to work with fvwm and vim
    the way I like it a few months ago: Here's a how-to if anyone is


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