Hi Leonardo!

Quoting Leonardo Taccari (2015-04-18 22:50:56)
> I am asking if someone can review the patches attached in this email
> that makes zathura-pdf-mupdf plugin compatible with the mupdf 1.7 API.
> They are based on the latest 0.2.7 release. If I should update the
> patches for the develop branch please let me know and I will do that!

They look good so far; thank you! I've applied them.

> mupdf 1.7 also has some support for the new EPUB document altough my
> patches does not change zathura-pdf-mupdf code regarding this new
> feature. It can be examinated later with a new patch IMHO.

I've enabled the support for now in the develop branch, but maybe we should
consider moving it to a plugin on its own.

Have a great weekend,

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