Hi all,
I found a pdf [1] (214K) that doesn't render properly with the poppler plugin 
(the text looks quite "grainy") -- tested with git version in 
zathura git version, both latest at the time of writing, and 
poppler version 0.32.0.

I'm attaching screenshots of the abstract of [1] rendered by zathura with the 
poppler and mupdf plugins. I'm also attaching a screenshot rendered with the 
Firefox internal pdf viewer, for reference, because with mupdf the characters 
are slightly misaligned (both with the zatura plugin and the stand-alone 

Can we do something about this or should I report the bug upstream?


[1] http://www-irma.u-strasbg.fr/%7Ebugeaud/travaux/betadev1.pdf
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