On Sat 2010-01-16 18:00:58, Stanislav Brabec wrote:
> Eric Miao wrote:
> > And the other way we may need to look into what API the current userland
> > apps on zaurus is depending on this 2.4 compatibility and make changes
> > slowly to those apps.
> I guess that 2.4 compatibility is not an issue. Most modern Zaurus
> distributions are even unable to run Sharp ROM compatible binaries.
> Distributions either stay on 2.4 kernel or use modern systems based on
> modern kernel 2.6 API.
> Distributions that decided to migrate to kernel 2.6 are far from
> finished state. Any change that allows to use modern applications using
> standard kernel API is welcome.

There is no API involved. It is just ... if you leave zaurus in
 init=/bin/bash mode, it must not kill the battery. Smart and
 currently implemented way to do that is to suspend.

That's counterexample to rjw, but it does not matter -- reasonable
userland should never ever hit that, in a same way PCs should not hit
emergency power cut...

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