> > IMHO it should just plain shutdown in that case.  Suspending doesn't really
> > solve the problem, because the battery is going to drain still.  Unless you
> > mean suspend=hibernate, but I guess you don't.

BTW I was talking spitz before, but there's collie, too. It was
shipped in configuration where all user data was in RAM and RAMdisk --
no writable flash. On such machine, shutdown is never option. (And
yes, such design was very common in windowsCE days).

Spitz got disk, but inherited that powermanagement design; and it
works very well.

And now, if you want collie for a year (or two), you can have
mine... it still works and battery still lasted for 5 hours 2 years
ago -- not bad for 10 year old battery. You'll note that it is very
different design from PC.
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