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> From: Andrea Adami
> Date: Sun, Jan 17, 2010 at 3:06 PM
> Subject: [RFC] Zaurus: make updater.sh obsolete for poodle, clamshells
>  and tosa To: openembedded-de...@lists.openembedded.org
> Reading the post about gnu-tar I remember we talked about a new way to
> install 2.6 kernels and images on Zaurus.
> Well, there are very good reasons to make this now obsolete:
> - we can flash from console (2.6 userspace)
> - we have a different image-layout (kernel in /boot), thus we can boot
> from every hd partition
> - we can create jffs2 images (see Narcissus) and flash these from
> console, without striping the legacy headers. We can even have 2
> images in nand
> My idea would be:
> -refactor updater.sh and flash only kernels
> -provide an updater script

Well.. Some updater.sh is only necessary to 'flash' kexecboot kernel. We can 
just clean up current updater.sh.

But we should provide at least some README for users who want to
1) repartition his NAND
2) flash some distro to NAND.

Yuri Bushmelev

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