hi, there

i am new here, even if i have been working on akita since the first of
the last year =P

anyway, i am working on native gentoo on zaurus C1000/C3000
i finished two stages4:
*  armv4tl-softfloat-gnueabi
*  armv5tel-softfloat-gnueabi

this stages are configured to be text console apps + a bit of server app

* httpd server + perl/python/php/ruby ... for the cgi side
* sql server
* sshfs --> fuse + openSSH ( i do not want any NFS on akita)
* telnet + ftp
* gcc&c devchain stuff
* nmap&C
* i2c tools
* uart, ascii minicom + hexserial etc ...

about X11,  want it only cause i'd like (and i have to choose the best)
* gpsdrive, track, no route
* tangogps, track, no route
* navit, track .. enough cpu power to route ?

as far as what i understand ... "kdrive" has been integrated into the
Xorg sources, so when you do .configure you can configure which "build
method" you want

* kdrive
* kdrive minimal
* Xorg

gentoo has specific USE flag to specify it, "kdrive minimal" is not
still supported in gentoo ebuild

(for example ... you can see USE="X fbcon kdrive xorg xrandr xterm
-minimal -kdrive ...")

anyway, about X11, in order to have a pretty full working set, i have
to made a special profile, in where i forced specific versione of X11


this set is pretty full working with the choice of Xserver=Xorg + a
bit of /etc/X11/xorg.conf
in where you simply declare the inputdev, the videodev

INPUT_DEVICES="evdev keyboard mouse tslib"

# tslib = tscreen lib

xorg-server- is the "last one" (i can see on the last
updated gentoo portage tree),  but it's a pretty "pre release" (see
the /var/log/Xorg.*.log) ... and there are a lot of issues around



also xorg-server-1.6 needs components which are not back compatible
with what xserver-1.3 needs ... in details:


(off course + x11-libs/libX11, x11-apps/xrandr, x11-proto/xproto ...
which need to be in sync)

i have no idea about xorg-server-1.4..xorg-server-1.5
anyway 1.3 is old but it is running very well

i mean i have no better idea to get X11 support, and any
idea/suggestion is pretty welcome

about rotation on the last xserver:
xrandr is not working on xserver-1.6, so, in order to have a
proper-rotated lcd, i used the following in /etc/X11/xorg.conf ...

        # Option "fbdev" "string"
        #        the framebuffer device to use, default: /dev/fb0
        # Option "ShadowFB" "boolean"
        #        enable or disable use of the shadow framebuffer
layer, default: on
        # Option "Rotate" "string"
        #        enable rotation of the display
        #        the supported values are
        #           "CW" (clockwise, 90 degrees)
        #           "UD" (upside down, 180 degrees)
        #           "CCW" (counter clockwise, 270 degrees)
        #        implies use of the shadow framebuffer layer, default: off.

        Option "fbdev" "/dev/fb0"
        Option "ShadowFB" "on"
        Option "Rotate" "CW"
        Option "RandRRotation" "True"

if you specify   Option "Rotate" "CW"  in the xorg.conf, the xrandr
support will be disabled by the xserver

(dunno why, wondering why)


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