I just got partial success with migration of Zaurus to the latest Xorg.

Here is the result of my experiments (WIP):

Before you test, you have to do (on Angstrom):
- Install xorg and its modules.
- Disable all xmodmap commands in /etc/X11/Xinit.d.
- Edit your preferred keymap in /etc/X11/Xinit.d/02xorg (cz is default
- Fix /etc/X11/Xserver to start Xorg without kdrive specific arguments.
  Only -dpi is relevant.
- Disable chvt on Fn+Arrows.
- Copy files and apply the patch.

New features:
Right Ctrl (on Hankaku_Zenkaku) + numbers = F-keys
Fn+Tab = Caps works
Left Alt is on Hiragana_Katakana as it was in past

Fn+z = Insert
Fn+x,c,v generates XF86Cut/Copy/Paste (file for GTK+ is here:
ftp://ftp.penguin.cz/pub/users/utx/zaurus/files/keyboard/homedir/DOT.gtkrc-2.0 )
Fn+0 switches group
Fn+d = `
Fn+Arrows generates PgUp, PgDn, Home, End

- Implement chvt to the keymap.
- Migrate touchscreen to evdev or fix tslib driver crash on chvt.
- XRandR is not yet supported.
- Some operations are much slower than they were on kdrive.
- Adapt daemons to new key codes.
- Think again about keymaps that need AltGr+Numbers (cz). What should
  take precedence? Move Brightness or AltGr+Number to Fn+Shift? Or move
  it elsewhere?
- Think about use of unused keys.
- Implement Compose.
- How to discriminate OK, OK, Enter and Esc, Cancel.
- Maybe set slower repeat rates for some special keys instead of turning
  it off.
- XKB geometry

Stanislav Brabec

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