>> i am supporting a ppc405GP board which has all the firmware in flash
>> ... so i had to think about "Recovering a bricked board, using OCD
>> Jtag programmer"
> You cannot brick Spitz and Akita. PROM boot should always work.

yeah, what the PXA270 first fetch is on prom, and prom is ReeadOnly
... so i mean if you erase/damage the "flash" (which should be "Write
Protected" by CPLD)  contents

what happens, so ? supposing you have erased (stuffing 0x00) the whole
flash, could you repair your akita in order to reprogram the flash and
make it still booting into something useful ?

(i was supposing you can repair with a jtag)

>> anybody has ever thought anything similar for akita ? Akita should
>> have a jtag on his back, and jtag should be directly connected to
>> PXA270 ... so it should be as standard as a pretty ARM databook
> No, it is not. There is just a serial IOPORT and few other wires.
> I am not sure what is the purpose of connector under the battery cover.

only jtag should have sense: (speculative ideas) sharp could have put
the prom on akita with a soldered empty flash, than assembled the
whole, and finally plugged a jtag on the back to program the flash

isn't reasonable ?

(this schema is exactly what has been done on my ppc board: flash has
been programmed by jtage after it was soldered on board)

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