On 01/30 2010 at 13:12:49 napsal flameman mayer wrote:

> > You cannot brick Spitz and Akita. PROM boot should always work.
> yeah, what the PXA270 first fetch is on prom, and prom is ReeadOnly
> ... so i mean if you erase/damage the "flash" (which should be "Write
> Protected" by CPLD)  contents

There is no protected area of NAND. You can write anywhere.

> what happens, so ? supposing you have erased (stuffing 0x00) the 
> whole
> flash, could you repair your akita in order to reprogram the flash 
> and
> make it still booting into something useful ?

NAND Flash Restore from the ROM diag menu shoud help. Stuffing 0x00 in
the whole flash is even part of this menu.

> (i was supposing you can repair with a jtag)

I guess that pre-production series have had JTAG + NOR flash,
production series have serial + PROM.

> only jtag should have sense: (speculative ideas) sharp could have put
> the prom on akita with a soldered empty flash, than assembled the
> whole, and finally plugged a jtag on the back to program the flash
> isn't reasonable ?

I guess that they used ROM diag or ROM debugger to flash NAND.

> (this schema is exactly what has been done on my ppc board: flash has
> been programmed by jtage after it was soldered on board)

Yes, it is a pretty common with OneNAND chips. However even there 
JTAG is impractically slow to flash the whole flash contents.

I am not an electronics expert, but I would expect risk of memory 
"forgetting" during the soldering process.

Stanislav Brabec

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