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Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2010 13:08:44 +0100
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Subject: About kernel decompressors


I'd like to add a couple of observations in the "Uncompressing broken
with commit e7db7b4270" thread.
Unfortunately I wasn't subscribed and I can't properly reply to the thread...

This is for kernels 2.6.33-rc5 and -rc6 on Sharp corgi (Zaurus
SL-C860, pxa255, 64M RAM)

1) after that commit neither gzip, nor lzo can decompress from NAND
2) I tested the LZMA patch and this also won't help the boot from nand
3) kernel size is uninfluent: I tested 930KiB-lzma kernels and 1240KiB
4) I tried to set stack size to 8192, still no boot

5) all the 3 above kernels boot just fine from kexec (I launch them
with linux-kexecboot-2.6.26)

>From nand, the boot stops immediately after
**** JUMP to LINUX! ****



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