On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 1:07 AM, Andrea Adami <andrea.ad...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> 3) kernel size is uninfluent: I tested 930KiB-lzma kernels and 1240KiB 
>>> gzip-kernels.
>>It sounds to me like this is because of the 1.4M (cannot
>>remember the exact size) constraint of the kernel size
>>on NAND that the bootloader is able to load?
> Unfortunately not :(
> Kernel did not exceed the max size: I'm aware of that Zaurus
> limitation: 1294336B = 1264KiB  (and only 1048576 for collie)
> The only patch really necessary for Zaurus to boot from nand is [2].
> Any hope to have it upstream?

No. That proved to be another issue, that's update.sh being
incorrect written when doing kernel upgrade. And it appears
to be present on corgi and before, but not on spitz.

I found this months ago and was about to send the patch, but
it looks no where to find the upstream for this update.sh. If you
can paste your decoded update.sh maybe I can point you where
the issue is.

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