Following a very frustrating time, where I was using stable instead of
dev (Someone might want to at least make a note on about using the
dev branch, so that other new people don't run into the same problem,
and worse, not be blockheaded enough to try to continue, finally
having someone point it out that I wasn't using it. (I'd not used git

Here's what I've encountered that's problematic, alas I do not have a
serial cable, so it's difficult to debug some of the issues.

Tosa kernel 2.6.29:
USB support fails, on a driver being loaded, I initially thought it
was prism2_usb from the staging/wlan-ng, but upon messing with it
more, I realized that it comes from the usb support itself.
Additionally, ohci-hcd does not get loaded initially. Loading ohci-hcd
is fine, and lsusb will show everything. However upon a driver being
loaded, the kernel starts spewing warning messages, and I'm unable to
tell what exactly is causing it. A partial dmesg output is available
at the number of
lines quickly overflows the kernel buffer, so I haven't been able to
get the first ones, and the lack of documentation makes it rather

It seems to be related to dma, which appears to be the only way the
the tc6393xb is accessed. However, so far I'm just confused about it.
Tracking it down, it's a #warning in the file, but networking isn't
working, so I'm not sure.

Due to this usb-host is not usable (which means no built in wireless),
and additionally, usb-device doesn't seem to work, and in fact locks
the zaurus up for a while. (g_ether was loaded that particular time.)


Also, using a Linksys WCF-11, I'm getting a similar thing to this:
could not initialize hostap_crypt_wep
The solution is to install and insmod kernel-module-lib80211-crypt-wep
 and kernel-module-lib80211-crypt-tkip, kernel-module-lib80211 is
pulled in, so this is probably just an oversight, I'll see about
submitting a patch to the Angstrom list.

Speaking of patches where's the best place to send those that regard

*Just* ran across another one: suspend: It's worked before, this time
following  the screen turned to garbage on me. corrupted ascii like,
and a reboot (via reset button was required) I just tested this twice,
and had no problems.

2.6.33-rc8, requires the patch that was forwarded here, and will be
submitted to the mainline kernel shortly. The LCD backlight didn't
come on, so it's very difficult to see. I'm not looking at it too


Collie kernel 2.6.28 (stable): Everything appears to work, aside from
the touch screen, which is quite problematic. Minus this particular

Collie kernel 2.6.29: There appear to be issues with the user space,
as well as including an issue where the rotation is off. That may
simply be a boot option, but I haven't verified that.

Any help, or insights into the problems, especially the usb on tosa,
or touchscreen on collie, I'd love to have any suggestions.


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