DO NOT PUT THE PATCH BELOW INTO OE. It is to show the problem.

I figured out one of the problems I reported to the zaurus-devel list,
namely that of why wep wasn't working on a cf card with tosa. The
reason was that in 2.6.29 ieee80211 changed name to lib80211, meaning
that task-base-wifi the following didn't load the appropriate modules
for wep.

The following patch is probably *not* what is wanted, however, it
works, for 2.6.29 and above, BREAKING 2.6.28 and below. I include it
only to show what the problem is (and one solution, but as several
machines are on pre-2.6.29, it would cause the same problem I'm having
for them.) I'm suspecting that compatibility-providers.conf may be
what I'm looking for, but so far asking on IRC, I can't tell how to
use it properly, or how to specify these modules for only 2.6.29 and
above. (My limited experiments have not found the proper way to
specify it yet.)

James L

diff --git a/recipes/tasks/ b/recipes/tasks/
index 8c23aba..fa73b65 100644
--- a/recipes/tasks/
+++ b/recipes/tasks/
@@ -352,10 +352,10 @@ RDEPENDS_task-base-wifi = "\
 RRECOMMENDS_task-base-wifi = "\
     $...@base_contains('COMBINED_FEATURES', 'madwifi',
'madwifi-ng-modules', '',d)} \
     $...@base_contains('COMBINED_FEATURES', 'usbhost',
'kernel-module-zd1211rw', '',d)} \
-    kernel-module-ieee80211-crypt \
-    kernel-module-ieee80211-crypt-ccmp \
-    kernel-module-ieee80211-crypt-tkip \
-    kernel-module-ieee80211-crypt-wep \
+    kernel-module-lib80211-crypt \
+    kernel-module-lib80211-crypt-ccmp \
+    kernel-module-lib80211-crypt-tkip \
+    kernel-module-lib80211-crypt-wep \
     kernel-module-ecb \
     kernel-module-arc4 \
     kernel-module-crypto_algapi \

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