>> We are moving from linux-rp to linux for all zaurus machines but at
>> the moment only collie and tosa have newer kernels.Unfortunately we
>> lack feedback about those new kernels on these devices...

> I'm sorry to disagree see [1] and [2] and [3]. People are ready to give
> feedback but unfortunately most people do not have enough time/skills to
> set up a dev environment. But if people provide testing bzimage you will
> get feedback.

You see, we discovered that since some time the rootfs generated by
Narcissus is not compatible anymore with old linux-rp-2.6.2x kernels

I had to downgrade udev to 124 for testing: I successfully booted the
images on c7x0 and others did on spitz.

Tosa and colie are using kernels > 2.6.27 thus these machines should
not have been affected by the udev issue...so basically we'd have to
devine whether the culprit is the kernel or the rootfs....I personally
guess the rootfs is almost sane.

I'd be happy to upload some testing 2.6.34-rc3 linux-kexecboot kernels
for all Zaurus models, even though 2.6.3x is not yet 100% on Zaurus.
But remember: within linux-kexecboot,  sound, usb, networking will be
absolutely disregarded (only framebuffer and block devices are

If the machine boots it's just a matter of extending the kernel config
and build the modules, etc.., possibly armonizing the features between
machines: eventual failures booting a Narcissus or self-created
rootfs.tar.gz will probably depend on broken kernel-driver or modules

About x11-image, forget about it for the moment.
There is still a lot of indecision with regard to xserver: some
machines are using xserver-kdrive (tosa and collie use the latest
xserver-kdrive-fbdev) while akita uses xserver-kdrive-1.300 which
seems to be the last working one.
Add to this that spitz is testing xorg-xserver....I'd be not surprised
to hear 'hey...the screen is frozen, all black...' or similar nice



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