> I'd be happy to upload some testing 2.6.34-rc3 linux-kexecboot kernels
> for all Zaurus models, even though 2.6.3x is not yet 100% on Zaurus.
> But remember: within linux-kexecboot,  sound, usb, networking will be
> absolutely disregarded (only framebuffer and block devices are
> tested).

AFAIK we can place it on our zaurus-devel project page. E.g. in files 

> About x11-image, forget about it for the moment.
> There is still a lot of indecision with regard to xserver: some
> machines are using xserver-kdrive (tosa and collie use the latest
> xserver-kdrive-fbdev) while akita uses xserver-kdrive-1.300 which
> seems to be the last working one.
> Add to this that spitz is testing xorg-xserver....I'd be not surprised
> to hear 'hey...the screen is frozen, all black...' or similar nice
> stories...

I have note in my ToDo about xorg-server on akita too :)
Time is the question..

Yuri Bushmelev

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