I'll update the linux-kexecboot kernels to 2.6.34-rc4 very soon,
trying to fix the defconfigs of collie and poodle (my bad, suggestions
are welcome).
Still no idea whether tosa boots 2.6.34-rc3 or not.

I'd like to point out that the kexecboot version remains the same as
in 2.6.26: we just need kernel testing atm, looking forward to 2.6.34
Kexecboot is known to work [1]: if it doesn't then we probably have a
kernel issue.

Thanks to all testers.
Most machines seems to boot and reach the framebuffer.
Only C700 is hit by the no-reboot issue...and nobody seems to have a clear idea.
I had same symptoms on C860 flashing lzma-compressed kernels with the
old updater.sh.
Eric Miao pointed out the issue and now updater.sh seems fixed for all
corgi ...but not on C700.


Well, about kexecboot...I suspect we should give more sleep() to the
device-scan routine in kexecboot: new kernels seems faster and -on
C860- sometimes the CF card is not detected on Reboot and swapping the
SD card is not sensed after Rescan. Here it gets intriguing because we
have pxa25x vs pxa27x vs SPI MMC implementations...plese test on more
machines, possibly erasing (flash_eraseall) the images in nand. You
know, the *cough* sub-optimal jffs2 detection we have in klibc *cough*
takes almost 30 seconds and this masks the MMC/CF delays.

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