> Still no idea whether tosa boots 2.6.34-rc3 or not.

Yeah... I'll try to find some time for testing next week.

> Well, about kexecboot...I suspect we should give more sleep() to the
> device-scan routine in kexecboot: new kernels seems faster and -on
> C860- sometimes the CF card is not detected on Reboot and swapping the
> SD card is not sensed after Rescan. Here it gets intriguing because we
> have pxa25x vs pxa27x vs SPI MMC implementations...plese test on more
> machines, possibly erasing (flash_eraseall) the images in nand. You
> know, the *cough* sub-optimal jffs2 detection we have in klibc *cough*
> takes almost 30 seconds and this masks the MMC/CF delays.

Feel free to build testing image for C7x0 with increased delay :)

Yuri Bushmelev

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