I rebump the topic because a couple of weeks ago I did some changes to

The actual revision in OE has following targets (in capitals too):

Part.  File

mtd1 uboot.bin  =  u-boot (deprecated - old testing)

mtd1  zImage/zImage.bin  =  kernel
mtd2  initrd.bin  =  rootfs (now *with or without 16b sharp-headers*)
mtd3  home.bin  =  here you can flash a second rootfs or restore a
backup of /home if set on mtdblock3 in fstab
hdd1  hdimage1.tgz  =  rootfs on first hdd partition (spitz only. Do
we really need this one and gnu-tar for the installer?)

I suppose that all models where originally shipped with 'signed'
binaries, to have a coherent master version.
We still don't have a precise idea about the used checksum...



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