2010/11/2 Andrea Adami <andrea.ad...@gmail.com>

> Hello,
> I've uploaded Zaurus 2.6.36 kexecboot kernels with the new gui:
> http://projects.linuxtogo.org/projects/zaurus/
> Please test and report, mostly interested on collie, poodle, tosa.
> Regards
> Andrea
> P.S.
> Tested on:
> c7x0 : boots, kexecboot is ok (power button has no effect ?)
> spitz: boots, kexecboot is ok, (some strange freezes, power button
> dims the screen)
- boots but the screen is barely readable, brightness is low and the display
looks "interlaced" or out of sync. I've seen this display  issue since
- can only use right-pad key to go down, up, down and left have no effect.
- kexecboot is ok, booting OZ on nand (kernel 2.4.something)
- booting Armedslack with custom kernel but leaves with the same
display problem (no problem when booting this with 2.6.2x kexecboot)

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