On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 06:25:51PM +0300, Igor Grinberg wrote:
> On 06/30/11 17:45, Stanislav Brabec wrote:

> > from this thread. Without it, ADS7846 does not work on spitz (ADS7846
> > does not have any dedicated regulator there). I want to
> > add .needs_regulator bool to ads7846.c and send the patch again to the
> > list.

> Please, don't...
> I thought we've finished discussing the regulator issue...

> Instead of patching the driver and the platform data and the board file,
> you should do _either_ of the following:
> 1) add regulator definition for ads7846 into the board file
> 2) enable the CONFIG_REGULATOR_DUMMY in your kernel configuration
> 3) use regulator_use_dummy_regulator() call in the board file.

> Using either of the above, you will not need the patch for ads7846, only for 
> the board file.

Yes, we've been through this repeatedly.  None of these options take any
appreciable time to implement, it'd be much more productive to just do

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