Pavel Herrmann wrote:
> On Thursday, June 30, 2011 04:45:18 PM Stanislav Brabec wrote:
> > Then I tried to apply "[PATCH] MAX1111: Fix race condition causing NULL
> > So I guess that MAX1111 AC voltage reading (via SPI) was involved in an
> > incorrect moment and race happened there and your MAX1111 race condition
> > fix fixes it.

> Are you using the first or second version of the patch? if the former, please 
> use v2 (sent a few days later), which has solved the same problem by using a 
> mutex instead of allocating message data on stack (which is not good for DMA)

I guess the second one with mutex.
This is my work-in-progress-mix patch:

Several hours later, charging was turned on/off at least 1000 times
without any crash. So it seems that it was the correct race condition

> as for the backstory, this crash ocurrs when a short (measured in time spent) 
> message was enqueued after a long message, so that the short one finished 
> first 
> (the actual bug was present even if the long one finished first, but in that 
> case there was double complete() on the one completion instead of a NULL 
> dereference)

I guess that inserting of power supply initiates reading of voltages on
MAX1111. The long one may be touchscreen or LCD control.

Stanislav Brabec

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