>  zd1211: AllowedChannel = 000007ff
>  zd1211: LinkLEDn = 200
>  AllowedChannel = 000107ff
>  Region: 48
> Why are the two AllowedChannel entries different?  Why are there only 11 or
> 12 bits set although I'm in Europe where there are 13 channels usable?  Or
> is this number not a bit pattern with each bit corresponds to a single
> channel?
The following is what I remember from looking at the driver code and may not 
be totally accurate.

If I didn't overlook anything Zydas hardcoded this bitmask in it's latest 
driver. (presumably to solve problems with devices that don't set it 
properly) It used to be retrieved from EEPROM.
If I remember correctly each bit represents a channel and the bitmask is split 
up as follows:
000107ff => 0001 (default channel) 07ff (available/allowed channels)

The first log entry represents the retrieved (but now hardcoded) allowed 
channel mask. The second entry has the default channel added.

> What does “Region: 48” mean?  Is 48 intended to be a region code?  That
> would be nonsense.
48 is the region code as defined by the official IEEE802.11 specs. If I 
remember correctly it stand for ETSI (most of Europe) / Taiwan region.

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