I know use revision 71 of the ZD1211B driver for my Fiberline WL-430U dongle.

When I plug the dongle into the USB socket, the kernel outputs among others 
the following lines:

        zd1211: AllowedChannel = 000007ff
        zd1211: LinkLEDn = 200
        AllowedChannel = 000107ff
        Region: 48

Why are the two AllowedChannel entries different?  Why are there only 11 or 12 
bits set although I'm in Europe where there are 13 channels usable?  Or is 
this number not a bit pattern with each bit corresponds to a single channel?

What does “Region: 48” mean?  Is 48 intended to be a region code?  That would 
be nonsense.

I issued a iwpriv wlan0 get_Region after having entered ifconfig wlan0 up.  
This showed me a region code of 2 (Europe/Taiwan) which is acutally correct.  
Nevertheless I set the region code to 2 via iwpriv wlan0 set_Region 2.  After 
ifconfig wlan0 down, and unplugging and replugging the dongle, the kernel 
still output the above lines.

Is there anything wrong with my setup or does the problem lie at a different 

Best wishes,

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