I just picked up a pair of Zonet zew2501 wireless adapters from Newegg.  The
drivers on the CD didn't compile on my Debian Sarge box with a 2.6.12 kernel
but zd1211-driver-r71-testing from this site seems to work fine.  The usb id
for this device is 0ace:1215 and I'm using the "b" version of the driver.

Interesting.... I bought Zonet ZEW2501 from Newegg almost a year ago,
and it's based on ZD1211. USB VID/ID is 0x0ace:0x1211.
Here's some pictures of the internals:
It has Airoha AL2230 RF transmitter. EEPROM version is 4802.
The ZD1211 is in BGA packing and gets pretty hot.
From what I saw, ZD1211B looks more like a cost-reduced part, but
I'm wondering if they made any power-handling improvements along the
way? On my ZD1211-based Zonet ZEW2501 I observed the following current
1. idle, no driver is loaded:                           93mA
2. assosiated and authenticated with 802.11b AP, idle: 196mA
3. RX (11Mbps):                                        215mA
4. TX (11Mbps):                                        270mA

Just curious if ZD1211B was designed to be more power-friendly?

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