Graham Gower wrote:
Is there any way to find out how much retransmission is occuring?
ifconfig and netstat don't show any statistics for the interface -
does this require driver support at some level?

Probably. The driver is supposed to handle some kind of statistics (I'm not sure exactly what), but we don't do that, yet.

The other option is using ethereal or some similar monitoring application with a spare wireless device. You'll probably find it quite time consuming going through the logs looking for retransmits though - although you can probably write a filter to do that.

As for TX being inefficient, it actually shouldn't be too slow. The only reason it is inefficient is that we do memory allocations in atomic context in the TX path.

Then again, both TX and RX were written in a few minutes only, as a "I wonder if I can get this working" kind of thing. We need to compare to other USB network drivers and see if there are any speed tricks in use.


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