the zd1211rw driver rewrite project supports now also ZD1211B
chips. Special thanks go to Timothy Legge from Canada, who sent me
the USB WLAN stick with the ZD1211B. The device package is
definitely targeted to the Canadian market, but I'm still
wondering, why the EEPROM says the regulatory domain is ETSI. It
looks like that regulatory domains are somehow ignored by the
distributor channels.

Tim's ZD1211B is quite a performer: 2,3 MByte/s maximum
speed for receiving a 20 MByte file. The device uses an AL2230 RF.
Given the fact, that it is my only ZD1211B at this point in time,
no other RFs are supported with the AL2230 RF just now.

So if you own a ZD1211B with a AL2230 RF, you can help us by
testing the driver. The source can be found as usual under my git tree at


Please make sure to copy the needed firmware files into
/lib/firmware/zd1211. You may download the binaries from


Use a recent kernel with softmac support. I use John Linvilles
wireless-2.6 git-tree. Others are working with recent stock
Linus-kernels. More information can be found in the README file of
the driver.

Please check whether the USB vendor and product id is in the
usb_ids table at the start of zd_usb.c. The devices in the table
are known to be working with zd1211rw.

Qualified bug reports and patches sent to this mailing list are always welcome.



PS: The project web page is at http://zd1211.ath.cx/wiki/DriverRewrite

Ulrich Kunitz - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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