Greg KH wrote:
Also, I couldn't think of a better
name for the vendor id, if you can, please do (this device says it is a
ZyDAS device, yet another vendor id, yeah, fun...)

I'm not sure we'll keep with the vendor name #defines - I think Ulrich pulled them from the vendor driver originally? We have a much more detailed list at anyhow.

I renamed your addition to VENDOR_TRENDNET for now, as we've been using retail brand names so far...

Also, in looking at the debugging macros, does anyone mind if I rework
them a bit to use the standard kernel message formats?  I mean the
dev_dbg(), dev_err(), and such.  It provides a common format, and makes
it much easier to determine exactly what driver and device is spitting
out the messages to the kernel log.

Sounds good to me.


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