Hello everybody,

while using the ZD1211 driver (the big mess :-) - not the rw-version), I
discovered that some of my devices would not find the ZD1211 in AP mode
while others did.

After some investigation it boiled down to seeing that the ZD1211 was
sending the beacon but it resisted to answering Probe Request packets. Some
Wifi cards seem to be satisfied with a beacon, others want to explicitly
probe for an AP and get a directed answer.

I came up with the following patch which solved my problem. I'm pretty sure
that this is more a hack than a patch, but perhaps you want to include it
for the time being or use it as an inspiration for a better fix.

Best regards,

diff -ur zd1211-driver-r76.orig/src/zd1205.c zd1211-driver-r76/src/zd1205.c
--- zd1211-driver-r76.orig/src/zd1205.c 2006-05-06 11:44:34.000000000 +0200
+++ zd1211-driver-r76/src/zd1205.c      2006-05-21 22:34:13.830207000 +0200
@@ -3916,7 +3929,7 @@
&wla_hdr->Address2[0], 6);  // copy SA

-                                if ((BaseFrmType == DATA)) {
+                                if ((BaseFrmType == DATA) || (BaseFrmType
== MANAGEMENT && (SubFrameType(wla_hdr) == PROBE_REQ) && (BssType ==
AP_BSS))) {
                                         bDataFrm = 1;

                                         if (isWDS(wla_hdr)) {
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