Ulrich Kunitz wrote:
> Hi,
>>Currently I am running ZD1211LnxDrv_2_15_0_0 from the Zydas site (which
>>seems to have a later version of the firmware - can I use a standard
>>converter to change the header files from the hex to bin?).
> We are using already the new firmware, which has changed around
> 2_13_0_0. It can be found in the snapshot directory or the git
> trees. Links can be found in http://zd1211.ath.cx/wiki/DriverRewrite.

That is the version I am using.

> Please set the environment variable ZD1211_DEBUG=y before you are
> running the Makefile of the out of tree driver. This will create a
> lot of DEBUG messages, which might give us a clue. I would
> recommend to use my tree, because I fixed a pretty serious bug over
> the weekend, which however doesn't explain your problems. There is
> also a patch which solved a firmware problem with a Zyxel device.

Ok. I will not have time for a couple of days, but I will try it ASAP.
Meanwhile I have sent some more info with debugging turned on for
zd1211rw to you (off list).

> I concentrate on zd1211rw, so I cannot help with the ZYDAS driver. 

Understood. The logs for the ZyDas software were only included in case
they threw any light on the problem.

Thanks for the reply,

Adrian Lawrence

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