A.E.Lawrence wrote:
> Hawking HWL2 which is a USB wifi device with zd1211 and AL2230
> (according to logs). zd1211 seems to report firmware mismatch with
> zd1211-firmware-1.2.tar.bz2. (zd1211 fails with probe error report).

The mismatch is fine.

> Also zd1211rw reports as eth1 rather than wlan%d.

Not a bug. Use udev to rename it if you don't like eth1.

> Little is working as yet. Most iwlist and iwconfig commands fail.

At a guess, it sounds like you did not bring the interface up before 
using iwconfig commands.

As Ulrich pointed out, we need more information: you need to be more 
specific/detailed, and we need debug logs.


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