after finally getting the driver to use channel 7 (somehow) I have  
problems staying connected. I can surf the internet for a couple of  
minutes before getting disconnected from my ap (I masked the ap address  
with 'xx'):

Aug  3 01:27:23 localhost kernel:  
Aug  3 01:27:23 localhost kernel: Rx Disasoc from AP(Rsn:7),set  

I have no idea why that happens. After the disconnect no reconnect is  
possible, I have to reboot. Also, dmesg shows me a lot of these (for  
example when playing around with iwpriv):

Aug  3 01:48:33 localhost kernel: wlan0 (WE) : Buffer for request  
SIOCGIWPRIV too small (16<17)
Aug  3 01:48:33 localhost kernel: ********zd1211_USB_PACKAGE_READ_REGISTER  

This happens on Debian Sarge, Kernel 2.6.8 (i386) with driver r77 in mixed  
mode with WEP128.


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