>Ulrich Kunitz wrote:
>>This is the address of the invalid code. It's a pity that they
>>don't write out a normal kernel oops, which would give us much
>>more information. Look into /proc/modules and /boot/System.map*
>>to check where it is. If it is in zd1211 you can uses
>>nm -n -g zd1211.ko to find the right function.
>You could always patch the kernel to add a dump_stack() call after the 
>"Unsupported unaligned load/store trap" message.
Thanks for the suggestion.

>BTW, you have mentioned that zd1211rw doesn't provide the functionality 
>you require, but if you have time we'd really appreciate testing on 
>sparc64, just as a simple WLAN client device.
I was planning on testing the new driver once 2.6.18 is released, but 
I'll make sure to test it within the next 2 weeks in any case.


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