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> I recently installed kernel-2.6.18-rc4-git1 (stable prerelease of august
> 26), preemptive, smp, with zd1211rw incorporated in it; this did not work at
> all, but comparing source code learned that changes in the git-repository at
> <> of around 6th of june and
> later were not yet incorporated.
> So, I downloaded the repository and copied them over the relevent source
> code in kernel-2.6.18-rc4-git1; now it works like a charm, provided I
> instruct usbcore to use old_scheme_first, and after installing the firmware
> in /lib/hotplug/firmware (probably specificy for my Mandriva 2006
> distribution) instead of /lib/firmware.

I'm not sure about the old scheme. Normally we would expect it to
work in standard configuration. 

Could you provide more information about the problems with rc4?
Please enable the DEBUG option for the driver , which can be set with make
menuconfig or make xconfig. It is available after the driver has
been selected for compilation.

The snapshots from my website are thought to be compiled outside
the kernel tree. Simply calling make should compile against the current
running kernel, but requires the compiled source tree to be
present. The debug option can used here by setting the
environment variable ZD1211_DEBUG to y.

I would also like to know, what the issues were, when
old_scheme_first has not been set.

Your log file indicates USB problems after rebooting, I have
received a similar report some time ago. However given the fact,
that it is USB subsystem related, we couldn't resolve the issue.
It seems that some computers don't interrupt the power supply for
the device while rebooting, so the boot sequence cannot setup on a
clean state. I have now a number of questions, which will help
me to understand the issue a little bit better.

Does it happen always while rebooting?
Did the machine a clean shutdown before rebooting or has the
machine simply resetted?
Does it happen also while dynamically unloading and uploading

With your help, we can hopefully resolve the problem.


Ulrich Kunitz

Uli Kunitz

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