I've spent about 2 hours scouring Linux forums for installation instructions I could understand.

The instructions I have are as follows:
  • untar
  • check, if zd1211 or zd1211b is needed. Activate zd1211b in makefile, if necessary
  • make, make install
  • modprobe -v zd1211 (or modprobe -v zd1211b)
  • lsmod - you should see zd1211 loaded (see dmesg otherwise)
  • ifconfig wlan0 up (iwconfig will not work otherwise) - or ip link set wlan0 up to use iproute2
  • iwconfig wlan0 essid youressid
  • dhclient wlan0 (or ifconfig.../route... for static IP) - use dhcpd or pump if your distribution does not feature dhclient
Well, I've gotten as far as untar.  After that, I'm clueless.

If anyone could spell things a little more, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for your time!!!! 
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