largo200 wrote:
> Hi 
>  Recently I bought a wifi usb dongle Longshine LCS-8131G3. 
>  After downloading recent stable kernel 2.6.18 (zydas 1211 chip suported) 
>  i add to zd_usb.c file line:{ USB_DEVICE(0x1582, 0x6003), .driver_info = 
>  DEVICE_ZD1211B } 
>  not present by default in vanilla tree. 
>  Compile & reboot. 
>  An what i get by dmesg: 

You have two zd1211 devices attached and this makes the logs hard to 
read. Please narrow this down to just one device.

This problem smells like the disconnect issue that has been discussed 
recently on the list. If you unplug and replug the device it will 
probably work. Hopefully we'll solve this properly soon, but 
unfortunately it is really hard for me to reproduce it, and Ulrich 
hasn't seen it at all.


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