On Tue, 26 Sep 2006 23:04:03 +0200, Ulrich Kunitz wrote:

> On 06-09-26 17:19 Matthieu CASTET wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Mon, 25 Sep 2006 23:58:50 +0200, Ulrich Kunitz wrote:
>> > Ok, if the disconnect() is called unregister_netdev() is called,
>> > which should stop the interface, which will then disable the
>> > callback handler. That doesn't appear to happen. Next step needs
>> > to be to find that.
>> >
>> If I didn't do any mistake, it seems disconnect is not called...
>> A usb-core bug ?
>> This will need more investigation, but I am a bit short on time.
> Matthieu,
> if this is indeed the case, we would also know, why we have this
> reboot problems. I have still the problem, that I'm not able to
> replicate the bug. So it's difficult to find out what the issue
> is.
> It's a pity that you are short on time right now. Anyway
> everything which could put some light on this issue is
> appreciated.
According to usb guru it seems a usb host problem that hang the driver.
I am using the device on usb1.0 with no more problem.


PS : any plan to include the code to check if firmware was already loaded ?

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