Daniel Drake wrote:
> eric magaoay wrote:
>> OK, I just installed Ubuntu 6.10 RC1 (edgy). zd1211rw/firmware are 
>> included in the kernel (2.6.17-10-generic) and is fully functional 
>> without having to download the firmware from 
>> http://www.deine-taler.de. (thumbs up for Ubuntu)
> They don't ship the firmware in the kernel. They ship it on the 
> filesystem.
OK, I meant the user space firmware files installed in 
/lib/firmware/zd1211.  Those are the missing files from the latest build 
(dated 10-20-06) of Fedora Core 6. To make zd1211rw functional I simply 
run/build the userspace firmware module (zd1211_fw_2006-10-20.tar.bz2)  
without having to build (zd1211_2006-10-20.tar.bz2) since kernel module 
(zd1211rw.ko) is already up-to-date (or so I thought).

>> For some reason I'm seeing a different directory structure (and 
>> assoc. files) for  installed zd1211rw under Fedora compared to 
>> Ubuntu.  I figured maybe Fedora has the older version of zd1211rw,  
>> so I  will file a bug report at bugzilla.redhat.com to have the 
>> module updated.
> The structure of zd1211rw never really changed. They might be shipping 
> the vendor driver instead. Bear in mind that the vendor driver 
> supports a lot more hardware and a lot more connectivity options, 
> several Ubuntu users sent complaints to me when their kernel 
> maintainers dropped zd1211 and added zd1211rw...
the fedora stock kernel only display zd1211rw (using lsmod command). If 
I remember correctly, if the vendor driver where installed lsmod would 
display zd1211 without the "rw". If both were installed then lsmod would 
show zd1211 and zd1211rw. I assumed that is not advisable due to 
instability created having both loaded into the kernel.


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