I have been following the list for a while now and, after reading
another report about WPA working fine with the driver included in rc4, I
decided to run some tests on my own too: connection has been working
fine for the last three hours, which is more than the official driver
did on the best days (more often than not, the system was locked solid
after some glitch).

The data:
-driver: included with 2.6.19-rc4
-firmware: downloaded today, 1.2
-usb id: 0ace:1211 ZyDAS 802.11b/g USB2 WiFi
(marketed as Digicom Palladio Wave 54g here in Italy)

The story:
-first connection since system boot is ok
-second connection (change of serving AP, dongle removal, ifdown,
whatever) gets authenticated, dhcp is apparently queried successfully
and interface is brought up; however, no traffic is allowed (ping times
out) until you issue "reassociate" in wpa_cli: at that point, all is
well again.

Kudos to the developers and the other testers and please let me know if
you need more data (I'm running with DEBUG enabled).


Homepage: http://andrea.borgia.bo.it     /    Amateur radio: IZ4FHT

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